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    Fr. John Bethancourt serving

"Truly, not a single earthly pleasure can satisfy our heart. We are strangers on earth, pilgrims and travelers; our home and fatherland are there in heaven, in the heavenly kingdom; and there do not exist on earth things that could perfectly satisfy our desires."

- St. Innocent of Alaska


Glorification of Saint Innocent, Metropolitan of Moscow, Enlightener of the Aleuts, Apostle to the Americas

You evangelized the northern people of America and Asia, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to the natives in their own tongues. Holy Hierarch Father Innocent, enlightener of Alaska and all America, your ways were ordered by the Lord! Pray to Him for the salvation of our souls in His heavenly Kingdom!

Oct 6


All Saints of North America
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10440 4th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114