Chant of Orthodox Priests from Sofia, Bulgaria

I will love Thee, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my firm foundation, my refuge, and my deliverer.

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Venerable Sebastian Dabovich

TROPARION — O God of our Fathers, always act with kindness towards us; take not Your mercy from us, but guide our lives in peace through the prayers of Saints Sebastian and Mardarije. KONTAKION — Passing unharmed through a multitude of storms, and receiving the gift of miracles, you drowned your bodiless Enemies in the streams of your tears, O divinely-wise Sebastian and Mardarije, pray unceasingly on behalf of us all.

November 30


Glory to God for All Things!

Glory to thee for calling me to life. Glory to thee, showing me the beauty of the universe. Glory to thee, spreading out before me heaven and earth like the pages in a book of eternal wisdom. Glory to thee for thine eternity in this fleeting world. Glory to thee for thy mercies, seen and unseen. Glory to thee through every sigh of my sorrow. Glory to thee for every step of my life, for every moment of joy. Glory to thee, O God, from age to age!

from the Akathist "Glory to God for all Things"


"Truly, not a single earthly pleasure can satisfy our heart. We are strangers on earth, pilgrims and travelers; our home and fatherland are there in heaven, in the heavenly kingdom; and there does not exist on earth things that could perfectly satisfy our desires."

- St. Innocent of Alaska


All Saints of North America
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